Why Datacratic

Because we're the only retargeting solution where you focus on the consumer




Wondering why we're so confident? 

Our retargeting solution is radically different to anything else you've used because our solution is focused on the consumer. And we're so confident that we're willing to put our money where our mouth is - no tricks or gimmicks. 
Here are some of the reasons why Datacratic will increase your return on ad spend.

Retargeting using visitor feedback

We use feedback to do retargeting - no one else does

No one knows more about what your visitors intend to do on your website than your visitors themselves. That's why we leverage the feedback of a small portion of your visitors through surveys, as a base to generate accurate audience segments, instead of making assumptions about your visitors that can often turn out to be wrong.

Award winning Artificial Intelligence

We've got the awards to prove our AI is first-class

What good is accurate customer intent data if it's not leveraged the right way? Datacratic uses proprietary award-winning AI to put this data to work and generate audience segments for your retargeting campaigns that are more accurate than anything else out there.


We are winners of the OCTAS award for Innovation, and the Digiday Signal Honor Award.

Continuously collected feedback

We can keep up with your ever-evolving website

Your website is constantly changing. That's why we continuously collect feedback from a very small percentage of your visitors to make sure your intent segments remain highly accurate and up-to-date for all your retargeting campaigns.

Proven results

Our solutions have provided proven results

Our solution has been used by top brands who have seen a boost in the performance of their retargeting campaigns using Datacratic vs. traditional behavioral retargeting.

TELUS used Datacratic and saw a boost of 135% in their Click-Through-Rate and a 98% increase in overall campaign conversion.

Head office

Head office

606 Cathcart, Suite 1007 Montreal, Quebec, Canada, H3B 1K9

Other offices

Other offices

New York



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